A Blotchy Update!

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything on my blog – not exactly the huge launch I’d been hoping for! Here’s a small update about some of the projects I’ve been doing (instead of posting!). 

As always, speak to your GP or counsellor before trying any new medications, treatments or products to ensure they are correct for your skin and mental health. I am not a doctor or counsellor (just someone with psoriasis!) see disclaimer

In the last month or so I’ve been taking part in some other writing projects (some psoriasis-related!) as well as job-hunting. One of the big promises I made to myself since developing psoriasis is that when I’m stressed out or very busy, I make sure to take a break – this could be something as small as taking the time to do a stress-busting activity like painting, or reducing my workload . And unfortunately, my poor blog was a casualty this time.

Blogging has so far been a learning curve and this month I’ve learned the importance of keeping a batch of posts saved so I always have content to post, even if life gets in the way!


I’ve not been completely awol as some small awareness projects I’ve been working on were released last month. I told my story for the Psoriasis Association’s 50 for 50 project  which celebrates their 50th year by sharing the stories of 50 people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. This was an excellent opportunity to raise more awareness of psoriasis as well as finding out about the stories and experiences of others – you can follow the project on the Psoriasis Association’s social media or on their website.

As well as my own blog, I’ve also been contributing to some other sites that focus on mental health including You, Me and Anxiety and Label. You can read all of my anxiety posts here and although not directly related to psoriasis, I know all too well how closely linked mental health and psoriasis can be, so you might find some of the articles helpful! The website is focused on sharing light-hearted stories about anxiety in the hope that these tales will help normalise mental health.


By far my favourite article that I’ve written so far flies the flag for skin positivity and the beauty of ‘imperfect’ skin, which I did for Label.

I hope that continuing to write for different platforms and keeping the psoriasis conversation going will increase acceptance and the general public’s awareness. I have found that now the majority of people around me understand and know all about my psoriasis, the less I feel like I need to hide it. Education is key!

I am going to be posting more regularly on Blotch in the next few months, rather than focusing on content for other sites, so stay tuned for more blotchy updates!

Some upcoming posts:

  • Exercise hacks
  • Nail psoriasis
  • The Basics: Sleep
  • My UVB story

I’d love to collaborate with any other psoriasis writers – if you’re interested in writing for Blotch or have any inspiration for the sort of content you want covered, please get in touch

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