A Big Ol’ Moisturiser Review

Are you ready for a hefty skincare lowdown?

I am addicted to buying new skincare but with skin this needy, can you really blame me? I’m always on the lookout for new products that work with my skin and my routine – not ones that ‘cure’ psoriasis (as much as we all wish there was a miracle cream, I have yet to come across one that completely clears my skin!).

That being said, moisturisers are so important when you have any sort of skin condition and I want to make sure what I’m putting on my skin is the best for what my body needs. The right products can make your life easier and your skin happier, and using creams you really love makes sticking to a full-on skincare regime much easier.

Below are my reviews for a few moisturisers that I’ve been trying out recently!

As always, speak to your GP or counsellor before trying any new medications, treatments or products to ensure they are correct for your skin and mental health. I am not a doctor or counsellor (just someone with psoriasis!) see disclaimer

Body Shop: Hemp Heavy-Duty Face Protector

£8.50, 50ml tub
Key ingredients: Hemp seed oil
Best for: Daily face moisturising

This face moisturiser is ideal! As suggested by its name, it’s a super hard-working moisturiser, which keeps my skin feeling hydrated all day and has a faint, fresh smell. It’s designed for extreme weather conditions so this is the perfect moisturiser for winter. I have two big patches of psoriasis on my face currently, around my hairline and on my nose, and this cream helps my skin feel healthy and refreshed. I wear makeup most days to work and although it’s quite thick, I don’t feel sticky.

My only criticism is where is the SPF protection in this cream? I’m 25, I need to protect my skin from UV rays, especially as I have had two lots of light therapy! This can be combatted by using a hydrating primer with SPF but I want to use as minimal products as possible, so this is a bit of a let down for me.

Buy here

Body Shop: Hemp Body Butter

£15, 200ml tub
Key ingredients: Hemp seed oil, essential fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 and 9
Best for: Body, focusing on extra dry patches of skin

This body butter claims to have 96 hour hydration and protection; I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say that I could put this on once for four days and my skin would still feel hydrated! That being said, it’s a really, really good moisturiser. It smells fresh and more importantly, it keeps my worst patches of psoriasis (elbows and knees) from flaking as much and feeling as dry.

The thickness of the body butter means it can take quite a while to apply to your entire body so I’d recommend focusing this on your patches of psoriasis or your driest skin. This also will help make the product last longer it is £15 a tub which is quite expensive if you’re needing multiple tubs a month like I would!

Buy here

Acti-Labs: Collagen and Kelp Fondant

£29.50, 200ml tub
Key ingredients: Hydrolysed collagen, shea butter, kelp
Best for: All-over body moisturising

I got this fondant as a gift from one of my best friends for Christmas and it’s lovely. Although expensive, the product is creamier than the hemp cream and I don’t feel like you need to use as much to feel as moisturised.

My friend included a review that she came across for this moisturiser and apparently it’s pretty fab stuff – I’ve been using it for a while now and my psoriasis hasn’t changed but my skin is overall feeling healthier and less dry. I feel like for extra dry patches of skin, I still want to put on a more heavy-duty moisturiser if I’m going to work for the whole day but I really enjoy using this as an all-over everyday moisturiser. It’s also got a great smell; I hate medicinal smelling products like Diprobase but have to avoid heavily perfumed creams, so this is a great middle ground.

Buy here

Body Shop: Amazonian Saviour Multi-Purpose Balm

£9, 50ml tub
Key ingredients: Babassu oil & andiroba oil
Best for: Cracked skin (can also be used for tattoos, skin marks and beard conditioning!)

This balm isn’t part of my daily regime but I do think it’s worth having in your skincare arsenal. It’s quite thick and oily which is a turn-off for me but it’s got multiple uses and it can come in pretty handy.

It’s made from 9 natural-origin ingredients and is ‘inspired by the Amazonian communities that have relied on natural oils to care for their skin for centuries’. It not only nourishes very dry skin, but can also improve the appearance of skin marks and helps skin look more even, as well as refreshing the appearance of tattoos! I use this to brighten up my tattoos which I feel fading every time I get UV treatment and to smooth out any patches of psoriasis.

Reviews on the Body Shop website also say this helps fade and heal scars so this was another big selling point for me as I have a lot of scars from healed psoriasis! I apply this when I feel like my skin needs an extra bit of love.

Buy here

Lush: Charity Pot

£3.95 45g tub; £13.95 240g tub
Key ingredients: Shea butter, rosewood oil, moringa oil, ylang ylang oil
Best for: Body and hands

I love Lush! Lush products never disappoint – the only thing I’m disappointed about it that I can only use a small fraction of them! The Charity Pot lives up to my expectations and, dare I say it, I actually prefer this to Dream Cream. (This was also a gift from one of my best friends – they’re so amazing with understanding what my skin needs!).

Lush’s Dream Cream has been a psoriasis favourite for a long time but I couldn’t cope with how sticky it is – if you put it on at bedtime, you wake up still sticky and feeling uncomfortable. Some people like this as it means your skin is getting really hydrated but I prefer products that sink into my skin quicker. The Charity Pot is a thick moisturiser but it doesn’t hang around like Dream Cream and it just seems to make my skin really happy.

I’ve been focusing this on my hands and elbows as I’ve got the smaller pot size which is ideal for chucking in your bag for on-the-go moisturising. I have definitely noticed a difference in my elbows and hands when I use this cream; they’re much less flakey and much more smooth. I’m definitely going to get a bigger size of this for using all-over my body!

Buy here

Superdrug: Intensive Cream Mask

£6.99, 50ml tube
Key ingredients: Dead Sea minerals, magnesium chloride and urea
Best for: Patches of psoriasis

Buy here

This is a mask rather than an every-day use product, to be used a few times a week for a 4-12 week period. It’s supposed to be highly moisturising as it contains dead sea minerals to help with itching, magnesium which enhances the skin’s ability to retain water and urea, which is naturally present in healthy skin.

I feel like I can’t pass too harsh a judgement on this cream as I’ve not used it as religiously as it says to but with good reason – this stuff stings. I’m blaming the urea but it could be the magnesium chloride or something else lurking in the composition that makes it feel like my skin is on fire when I put this cream on. I’ve also been using the shower gel from this range and I can’t keep it on my skin for longer than a few seconds before I was it off in a mad panic.

This may be better for eczema sufferers but I think there is an array of better, more natural products out there (that don’t make you want to rip your skin off when you use them!). If anything, I feel like this mask actually makes me feel more dry and sore than not using anything.

So there we go, the first review of the year! I’m a fan of the majority of these creams but I’m going to avoid the Superdrug eczema and psoriasis range in the future.

What are your favourite skincare products right now?

*Disclaimer: I was not paid to review any of these products and they were all bought with my own money!

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