Blotch is a blog with skincare, support and advice for those with diseases or conditions that affect the skin. 

I’ve had psoriasis for 2 years and am a firm believer that raising awareness about my autoimmune disease is the best way to achieve self-acceptance whilst inspiring others to not hide their skin and get involved with the discussion around visible skin conditions.

I knew no one with psoriasis until I came across the psoriasis community and #getyourskinout campaign on Instagram – this encouraged me to post about my skin on my social media pages. The comments and questions I’ve had since have pushed me to start Blotch and keep shouting about psoriasis and how damaging skin-shaming can be (I’ve posted my full psoriasis story, here!).

‘I think it is so brave that are not afraid to hide your psoriasis or tell people that you have it’.

‘I’ve been through exactly what you have’.

Psoriasis can affect everything from your mental health and general health to your appearance and confidence  but the positive is that despite there being no cure, it IS treatable and it IS manageable. It might take a huge life re-adjustment of Queer Eye proportions (if you haven’t seen this on Netflix, get watching for major feel-good vibes – plus Jonathan is a fellow psoriasis sufferer!) to feel comfortable but with the support of others in real life or online, you can get there.

(As with all health issues, please check with your GP or healthcare provider about treatments – my opinions and advice are all from my own personal experiences with psoriasis – I am not a dermatologist!).

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